Since its a 3wall Installation its hard to get a feel of it through photos, especially on a particularly gloomy day with the neon reflections, but i’m pleased with the outcome and how much my work has developed this last term. Sad to say its the end of my degree but excited to continue developing this work!

I did end up putting these up and adding the neon glow on the bottom, which I think looked really fun! However it was decided that the installation should take over that wall instead as well so they’ve been taken down now. They were a bit of an after thought and they did start bowing once I painted the back of them so its probably no bad thing. I’m glad I tried it out, definite way to display then in the future.

Last week! I think the installation is pretty much there, this is the best photo I could get of it atm with the panoramic view but there’s a few bits that got cut out. Took it in the evening so the lighting isn’t the greatest but you get the jist.

I also put up a shelf today to try out for the maquettes.. Tacked a bit of neon to the bottom so it glows against the wall as well, but not sure if it might look a bit OTT?

Maquettes. These have been really fun to experiment on, using a larger scale within a smaller one is so much easier and more material efficient! I think the cutouts within the pieces work well as well as incorporating the fluorescent colour on the front of the paper. However I especially think that less is more and prefer the simpler compositions with larger pieces to the busier life size work I’m creating now. If I had more time I would have liked to have found a way to work on larger paper to create life size installations like the black and green one.

Degree show wall prep done, playing around with composition and the little maquettes now… 7 days to go!!

Just finishing up the maquette boxes! The shop was out of foam board which turned out to be a blessing in disguise as the Mount board looks a squillion times better/ the back is the exact same colour as the tape I’m using.

[Studio] just finished filling and sanding the walls- prepping for degree show. Where have the past 3 years gone?!!


Inverted the colours on a photo of the WIP… Kinda annoying that it looks so much cooler than the original.

forgot to put this on here!

Last update of the day. I’ve really been overworking this and it keeps coming back to the colours. This is where I am currently at. Stripping it back to neutrals and then trying out different pops of colour. Normally I go for bright bold colours but am trying to conquer more muted tones in conjunction with bright ones to create a more mature colour scheme. However, there’s something that’s not quite right/ maybe a bit boring?!
I’m not sure whats not working…. Advice/opinions welcomed

I’m trying to make this double colour back work but am struggling to make the outside look nice as well

Bought a little roller for painting the backs. As you can see, using a paintbrush left a streaky and uneven finish. Even though no one will be able to see the backs I want it to be finished nicely and I think it will give a better coverage and therefore create a more vibrant aura around the pieces.

Once I added the grey the pink didn’t work. The grey I made ended up being too much of a purple tone which wasn’t as cohesive with the rest of the colours. However while experimenting I did come across the effect above of the reflective surfaces merging to form a new glow colour! I think this has potential but maybe not with these outer colours.

I made this piece over easter and experimented a lot with placement- these are only a few photos of what it went through. It doesn’t seem quite right to me still and when I took the green down to paint the back I discovered that the colours lefts up looked much nicer on their own, so I’m going to try the green bits in a grey colour to see how a lighter colour works next.

Screen print seemed to be the most successful way to create a matte, vibrant colour ( as showed in contrast to the gouache in an earlier post). However, it is much more time consuming and has limited the size of paper I can cover due to screen size. With the gouache I was able to paint long strips of colour which translated to longer, folding cuts. Whereas this was the largest screen I could get and am now limited to this size, which seems a shame. 

When first attempting a screen print of this size I used the attachable arm to the press which you then tighten the squeegee into and push across from the end of the arm. Due to the lack of pressure in the middle, this caused an uneven print. Printing in two separate movements gave a more even coverage but sometimes leaves a line in the middle, which I don’t mind too much as when it is folded and cut won’t be too noticeable. The other issue I’ve come into is air bubbles forming between the screen and paper (due to the paper being previously rolled) while the paint is still wet. Part of me thinks this creates an interesting texture, but i’m afraid it will come across as badly printed/ take away from the flat colour.

These are things I’m trying to refine for the final piece.