Screen print seemed to be the most successful way to create a matte, vibrant colour ( as showed in contrast to the gouache in an earlier post). However, it is much more time consuming and has limited the size of paper I can cover due to screen size. With the gouache I was able to paint long strips of colour which translated to longer, folding cuts. Whereas this was the largest screen I could get and am now limited to this size, which seems a shame. 

When first attempting a screen print of this size I used the attachable arm to the press which you then tighten the squeegee into and push across from the end of the arm. Due to the lack of pressure in the middle, this caused an uneven print. Printing in two separate movements gave a more even coverage but sometimes leaves a line in the middle, which I don’t mind too much as when it is folded and cut won’t be too noticeable. The other issue I’ve come into is air bubbles forming between the screen and paper (due to the paper being previously rolled) while the paint is still wet. Part of me thinks this creates an interesting texture, but i’m afraid it will come across as badly printed/ take away from the flat colour.

These are things I’m trying to refine for the final piece.

This is the result of putting up about 1/3 of the cut outs I have had piled up on the studio floor. It was a useful exercise to figure out what color combos worked and didn’t work. Composition was made purely by putting colors next to other pieces so compositionally its not how I would purposefully make it. I think this method does however bring about some interesting moments within the collage and may be useful for the next wall piece.

After making a few screen prints in more muted mixed colours I decided to put up most of the cut ups I’ve made in the past few weeks to help me find some unexpected colour combinations. This ended up being really helpful towards a way of working and creating composition without over thinking it. The next step I’m taking is to screen print a about 4 select colours and then create work from those. Within this large piece were some really unexpected colour combos for me. I’m especially interested in the muted green/greys interaction with brighter colours so I’ll be trying that out more In the next one.

Paper everywhaaaarr

These are two colours I screen printed by hand which turned out much smoother and more even than the previous one! In comparison to the green gouache the screen print is so much more vibrant and feels like a solid thing. The prints are not flawless but I kind of don’t mind the marks that were made on the blue, not sure if it adds to takes away from the overall effect yet.

Another thing I’ve been looking at is texture and quality of the paints I’ve been using. The gouache (peach) comes out a streaky and uneven and could be fixed by using a roller to apply instead. I was also suggested to use Rosco paint ( red) which dries matte and gives better coverage, however it is quite pricey! So I thought to try screen printing (turquoise) to get a vibrant flat colour. Since I’m trying to cover large areas of paper, I used a big screen and had to try using the attached arm to pull the squeegee across the screen. This however didnt give me the desired flatness as I couldn’t even out the pressure across the whole print, causing a streaky effect. Next will be to try doing it by hand but in two separate swipes.

Experimenting with using either a similar neon colour on the back or contrasting neon colour. I really like the effect of both of them and I think it’d be interesting to have one consistent glow colour and then a bright contrasting colour as an accent so it pops more, like in the bottom image.

Putting together scraps from separate collages to create new colour combos/layering

More figurative collage for a gift

Today I needed to finish this piece to be photographed for the degree show catalogue. But what happened was me getting in a stress about it having to be something grand and so I frantically added poorly considered cut outs and moved things around, but nothing was working. It was all rushed and ended up looking a bit chaotic. In the end I decided that less is more and took it all back to the composition I had yesterday.
I also had a really helpful chat with a tutor about colour. So I’m looking back to colour theory and hopefully some less obvious/garish colours will really help mature this idea.


This accidental glowy thing happened today reflected off the back of the purple.. and the blue off the yellow a bit. Very much still a wip but I’m excited about this pleasant surprise! #goodaccidents #art #papercut #installation #3d

Ready for the gap space crits tomorrow. No corner this time which changed the composition a fair bit.

edit* during the gap crit we concluded that the work was more successful as a sculptural piece in the corner. It was compared to theatre sets and stills from an animation or narrative and maps with the far corner being a birds eye view.. There was much debate about the landscape quality of the piece due to the horizon line created and if that was something I wanted people to see. In this piece I think its necessary as it draws the eye across however I do not intend for my next one to be as figurative. as far as colour goes, I was concerned with how pastel and potentialy decorative they were but was suggested to look at Laura Owens work and how she uses pastels.

I was really worried that translating the smaller collages to large scale was going to be a disaster, but I bought some gouache ( because Matisse used in his cuts) and I think the matte finish and nicer coverage made all the difference from the heavy acrylic I was using. Still working on this, think I’ll consider colours more for the next one.

A few collages in the sketchbook from drawings I made on the trip. The natural forms are much more interesting and feel more purposeful than the offcuts and geometric shapes I was using.

Some inspiration for shapes on a walk around the waterfalls in the Brecon Beacons